Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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Zaman sekolah dulu I used to shamelessly promote my blog on Facebook (Jangan kecam, everyone else did too haha) tapi sekarang I'm keeping it personal. Sebab?

I guess nowadays I'm having a little self crisis issue, being scared of putting myself out for the world too much.. Exposed to other people's judgements, critisims and expectations. You know what I mean, right? Right now in UniSZa I honestly enjoy being invisible in crowd rather than being known, acknowledged like I used to back then (It was only because pelajar tak ramai & I held a few small positions). I actually started to like the fact that people don't give a πŸ’© about anything you do in uni. Despite the sad meaning that nobody actually careπŸ˜… I don't make friends a lot anymore and the negative side of being an introvert ialah-- your social skill is not improving. 

Tapi takde la introvert mana pun, dalam kuliah & group discussions I try to contribute supaya takde la sia-sia mana kewujudanku di muka bumi kehkeh. Cuma.. keeping my circle small. Tak peramah kecuali dengan orang yang dah rapat.

Is it normal?

Berbalik kepada topik, best thing about having a personal blog is that you may merapu anything, update untuk diri sendiri sahaja tanpa perlu effort untuk memenuhi expectation orang terhadap diri & penulisan.Tapi these days I'm thinking about making this blog public again (walaupun aku rasa takdak orang pun nak baca lol), sebab who knows KALAU ada benda bermanfaat aku boleh kongsi in the future.I feel like it is time to share a few parts of my journey and voice out my opinions, although not literally voiced, this blog post will do. Lagi satu, aku seorang yang malas nak wasap kawan-kawan walaupun dalam hati nak je update pasal life. Cause I always end up leaving people with blueticks hehe. Maka melalui blog ni boleh la korang korang yang rindu aku tu tahu aku hidup lagi ke tak hahaha. Unlike socmeds, you guys choose to come here & read my blog so you can't get annoyed 😜

Or should I just keep it personal?

Everyone has their own struggle of becoming better. Think twice before we judge! :)

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