Monday, October 30, 2017

Hold On

To whom will you hold on to
When things go rough and not coming into your way
When the ache in your heart is unbearable till the tears from your eyes speak louder than your words
When you feel distant and alone, long gone those promises to stay through thick and thin
When crying yourself to sleep has started to become a routine
When you keep blaming yourself for being too weak and helpless
When you feel like you can't go on anymore
When you realise that everyone promises forever until they find someone better
When everyday you have to think on what did you ever do to them until they hurt you this way
When you have to pretend like you're okay with it all
Act like there's nothing wrong although it takes the whole courage in you to do so 
When you lose hope that tomorrow will shine brighter and be better than ever
So to whom will you hold on to?

My dear broken hearted ones,
Losing people or things, doesn't mean that we have to lose ourselves too.
Little do we know that Allah isolates us from them for a good reason, in which now we may have no idea why, but soon we will. Remember that the heartache in our hearts is just temporary as the temporary world that caused it. Be patience. Fasobrun jamil
Worry not, cause eventually you shall get over it and trust me, strong walls like you just shake but never collapsed.
Say Alhamdulillah, as the suffering that reminds us of Allah is much better for our souls than the blessings that lead us to forget Him. And once we realize that, even our hardships couldn't break us.
At the end of the day, we'll still end up where we need to be, with who we're meant to be with, and doing what we should be doing. Be patience. Be sabr. The road of sabr may not be a bed full of red roses, but Jannah is beyond that. Trust Allah with all of our heart and noted that He knows what's the best for us. Beriman pada sifatNya yang Maha Mengetahui sedang kita tidak mengetahui. 
Keberadaan manusia itu bukan untuk selama-lamanya, sampai masa mereka akan pergi meninggalkan kita dan melupakan janji-janji mereka kerana makhluk itu sifatnya mengecewakan. 
Find comfort in Allah's promises, cause they're indeed lead to the word "forever". Tidak seperti janji manusia yang ada tarikh luputnya.

Lalu, sekarang selayaknya kita berpegang pada siapa?

Everyone has their own struggle of becoming better. Think twice before we judge! :)

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