Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Am I wrong?

Honestly i've always been thinking on how irony it is for some guys who strictly forbid girls to upload photos on socmeds macam Instagram contohnya, telling them to avoid fitnah especially the 'islamic' ones, but at the same time go searching for pretty instafamous & stalking plus admiring their beauty and such. 

Like.. Isn't it could turn out to be a fitnah as well? It's pretty confusing tho. 

Wallahi I appreciate how concern the guys are, they only meant to guard and protect and im not saying that it is okay for girls to upload their photos either. And noted that there're still many guys and girls out there who're excluded from this issue. 

My point is-- tanggungjawab menjaga diri dari fitnah itu bukan untuk perempuan sahaja as well as tanggungjawab menundukkan pandangan itu juga bukan tugas lelaki semata-mata.

Sesama ler kita inshaAllah. 

(Respon kita terhadap sesuatu isu menunjukkan tahap kematangan dan keterbukaan kita dalam menerima pendapat orang lain. You may disagree and that's okay 😇)

Everyone has their own struggle of becoming better. Think twice before we judge! :)

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