Friday, January 11, 2013

Tahun 2 .

So yesterday I went home from IQT ,after almost two weeks of being a Banat Tahun 2 .Senior-feelings ?No ,not yet .Tahun 1 will be coming on 4th February .So, wait, until then I shall be a senior,again .
SPM-fever belum mula, and so does the azam tahun baru and all. Hihi kidding, they does, a little. Well at least kan.My Math teacher said that all of us must speed up by now, bukan tunggu bulan 6 nanti baru nak sungguh-sungguh. So InshaAllah, I'm gonna fight this malas-malas feeling. Fuuu -_- Especially for Math. U guys better don't ask for my marks on last final-year exam, it was really tenuk. I mean tenat. Please ask for my Sejarah marks instead. Alhamdulillah ,suka youuuu :DDD Tak sia-sia I tidur dalam kelas masa Cikgu Aida bercerita 😝 K tak kelako

 I got A- in English.So now I should practise more and more. Good thing is that novel The Curse tu best xD
Tasmi' Quran ? I've done with only 2 maqra' last week.Ustaz Raslan was kinda busy,though.Ahad ni pun beliau cuti.Actually ,we all are a bit busy too with the trouble-some lawatan on 30th January, hias kelas, and also persembahan untuk jamuan 'Senior dihormati.Junior disayangi'.Yeah.Too good to be true -,-
Last night, I was enjoying my singgang soup when my face suddenly put up a smile, and I wondered why (Takyah wonder sangat, memang tahu kenapa haha).So I recited Al-Fatihah instead of bursting into tears.
Will be updating soon, keep missing me hoho ^,^  From Jordan with loves.Kononnya lah.Pray for my success !

Everyone has their own struggle of becoming better. Think twice before we judge! :)


airisy franz said...

Alya ! nice post ! asiff baru baca.well u know me..hik.hik.keep moving forward..i always support u !

Asiah Aisa said...

Wohaaa.. Baru start baca blog dia.. Nice entry.. Keep the best my dear!! :D

She's Imperfect said...

maseh kak2 semua.
adik baru belajar.hihi.k gura.dok la,biase je.wahazaa min fadhli rabbi :)